Real Capital You Need

Most startups are cash strapped yet need a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to produce traction before getting money for working capital.

We offer custom technology and services as capital, giving you what you need to become a fundable startup.

Our MVP Is Better

Closer To Production

Your MVP is more than just app code. It includes the operational environment it is built, tested, and deployed to.

Since our platform generates entire DevOps projects, your MVP is functionally and operationally closer to its initial production release.

Benefits For Ventures

Clear Advantage

Being a startup investment provider is becoming more and more competitive. Whether attracting the best startups or supporting current ones, it is important to continue to provide value.

Partnering with us gives you and your ventures a clear advantage. Our unique technology lowers your risk and removes the pressure so many startups have of developing and managing an MVP through the first release. With the MVP handled, a startup can stay focused on planning, execution, and value creation

Equally important is we share in the risk with our "zero cash, equity only" offering. This means we have a true stake in driving the success of the startup.

Ways We Help You

Keep More Cash & Equity

We recognize startups have extremely important cash and equity decisions.

Our investment is with technology and resources. We offer both full and partial equity scenarios to demonstrate a committment to the idea, team, and plans to execute
Committed to Your Success

To further demonstrate our committment, we offer executive services to help guide the success of your idea.

Areas of Expertise

From disruptive techs such as AI, Big Data and Blockchain, to user experience, mobile and traditional web development.

Who We've Helped

From the beginning we have helped these companies when all they had was an idea

A Better Seed Round

Typical mvp path realmethods MVP
  • Document app requirements
  • Raise capital for seed round
  • Build out dev team or solicit bids
  • Develop MVP
  • Collaborate to create bus. model
  • Select tech stack and project options
  • Generate MVP project
  • Iterate to refine and deliver MVP
Timeframe Minimum 1 to 2+ Months Typically 1 to 2 weeks
Typical Cost
  • Dev Company- $30,000 plus
  • Internal Team - $$$
Round Equity
On Average - 10 to 20% ~2-7%
* dependant on valuation
** lowest values for VC, Incubator, & Accelerator scenarios
$$$ $0 - Included during pre-seed round
  • Giving up cash risks running out or runway
  • Giving up too much early equity could impact seed round
  • Often end up with mostly throw away code
  • Be careful of "no-code" offerings that limit future options
  • Work with founders to validate market
  • Ensure solution is a scaleable one
  • KPI Dashboard, Pitch Deck and Market Research/Plan included
  • Optional executive services help roundout and strengthen team
  • Create user traction and possibly revenue sooner
  • Seamless transition from MVP to final version

Automated MVP

We leverage our proprietary model-driven platform to generate tech stack specific DevOps projects. What has significant risk and on average takes months to develop is now easily accomplished in days to a few weeks.

This includes:
  • Modeling your buiness problem
  • Support for nearly a dozen tech stacks
  • SaaS, traditional web, & cloud native apps
  • Source code for all application layers
  • Setup a Git repo and commit project files
  • Setup and config a CI pipeline
  • Generate config files for CI pipeline
  • Build, test, artifact storage, etc...
  • Docker image creation
  • Kubernetes cluster deployment
  • and much more...

Startup Criteria

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